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Alf LaMont | Partner

Before joining the team at LaMont Digital, Alf LaMont most recently worked as Social Media Director at Task Force PR. He was Head of Digital Content at Adler Integrated and VP of Marketing and Development at The World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

While his work on the intersection of comedy and technology is what he is known for, Alf’s recent work on social justice, politics and art has received a great deal of attention. Recent projects, including Truth To Power, Manifest: Justice & #Watts50, have been featured on CBS, NBC, PBS, Univision, La Opinion, Televisa, The LA Times, Newsweek, Forbes, KPCC, Boing Boing & Politico.

Alf has been a featured speaker at Sports and Entertainment Venues Tomorrow Conference, Pac Net, 140 Conferences in NY and LA, SXSW, The Gravity Summit, Social Media Week Los Angeles, Internet Week NY, The Digital Media Conference West and The USC Annenberg School Center for The Digital Future.

Alf continues to work on social justice through social media with The California Endowment.

Alf lives in Los Angeles and loves science, history and his corgi, Watson.

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Nicole Dagenais is a graphic designer based in Los Angeles. Growing up in Windsor, Ontario (canada), she always felt half American (Detroit is across a small river, and closer to her than any other Canadian City, and only knows heat with Fahrenheit, not the Canadian Celsius).

She studied in London Ontario, and moved to Toronto where she worked for many fashion companies. Getting bored of Fashion and wanting more substance, she moved to London England to learn more about design, and its history and basically lived at the free museums and galleries. Getting kicked out of London, England unfairly after a new government stepped in and wanted to “rid the UK of immigrants” she landed back in Canada, to then tour with Feist; where she happened to go to LA on the tour. Nicole fell in love with the city, and tried for years to stay. She was then able to work and live in LA and It inspires her greatly.

Nicole is happy to be able to marry her love of art and design with social justice causes with LaMont Digital. She loves living in Echo Park and painting.

Teja Foster

TEJA FOSTER | Social Media Director

For years Teja Foster worked in Los Angeles (Originally from Oakland) as a publicist and brand strategist ranging from different talent, companies, and organizations.

Social media is what she refers to as a mash-up of those two careers combined, since shifting her career to a social media specialist she has developed content and built brands like #SchoolsNotPrisons, Jay-Z's: The War On Drugs is an Epic Fail, The Nina Turner Show, # Athletes4Impact, Avocurl and more.

She has worked with a number of organizations, artist, athletes and festivals under the umbrella of digital activism in social justice. Her skills include but are not limited too social media, strategy planning, content development, brand strategy, and execution. 

She has a deep love for culture, hip-hop music, concerts, traveling the world and laughing that is shared through her style in accounts she brands.


Mariah castañeda | Social Media analyst

Mariah Castañeda is a digital professional that’s passionate about changing narratives and making information both accessible and engaging. She developed an environmental justice series for The California Endowment, and creates digital strategy for Voto Latino.

Her previous work as a journalist has been featured in the New York Times and was a fellow for Univision’s Fusion. Mariah has extensive experience as a storyteller, producing videos, articles, and podcasts for both national and local news outlets and has also co-produced a short film. Mariah’s work can be seen and heard at Fusion, The Root, Splinter, California Health Report, Voice of OC, LA Taco and on the timelines of Voto Latino and The California Endowment.


Taylor desmangles | Social Media Manager

My name is Taylor Desmangles, I am a Sacramento, CA native who loves all things wellness, social justice & video production. One of my passions is hosting my podcast, ‘Experience, Express, Exhale’ where mental health meets real talk & conversations of self love for People of Color are normalized. I’ve grown a beautiful soul family of over 2000 listeners & love to see new members joining from all over the world. I’m a sincere, intuitive, & creative Black woman loving the life I live :)


B. Price | Social Media Manager

Bronte Price is a digital professional, obsessed with data, who has experience running social media platforms, producing/editing videos, and running email and social ad campaigns. She most recently worked in Washington DC on Capitol Hill as a digital director, and was also the digital director for Serve America PAC, where she produced "Women Rising," an organic social ad that went viral and was featured on the Rachel Maddow show.

Bronte also has experience in entertainment, having worked with clients like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and managing Larry King's accounts.